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This site is getting to be a bit of a mess. I don't suppose
I will ever get it properly sorted out, so here is a list and description
of the main pages. There are others, I will try to add them later.

amplifiers.html The main amplifiers page.
build01.html How I made a ribbon microphone in a diecast box.
build02.html Putting a Garrard 401 on a slate plinth.
buzzaround.html The Burns Buzzaround fuzzbox and my version of it.
cadenza.html About the Simon Cadenza ribbon microphone.
links.html The links to other places on teh interwebs.
microphones.html The main microphone page.
misc.html Links to fuzz boxes and amplifier pages.
phono.html Main phono page.
quad.50e.html A page about the QUAD 50 Amplifier.
fender.bassman.100.html A page about the Fender Bassman 100 Amplifier.
reslo.ribbon.html Fitting a new ribbon to a Reslo microphone.
reslo.rv.html A page about the Reslo RV microphones.
rmp-1.html A low-noise 30dB booster for ribbon microphones.
rt-012-a.html A rectangular PCB for the Oktava MK-012 circuit.
rt-012.html A replacement PCB for the Oktava MK-012 microphone.
rt-219.html A replacement PCB for the Oktava MK-219 microphone.
rt-em01.html A P48 powered circuit design and PCB for electret capsules, very suitable for Linkwitz-modded capsules.
rt-ff01.html About the Fuzzface fuzzbox and my variant and PCB.
rt-gb01.html A bias voltage generator for condenser microphone capsules.
rt-pipb.html Battery powered design for electrets, impedance balanced output.
rt-sm01.html The Schoeps circuit.
tannoy.vnet.218dr.html Some work on an amp from a Tannoy VNet 218DR speaker system.
turner.b302.html About the Turner B302 Amplifier.
leak.stereo20.html About the Leak Stereo 20 Amplifier
crest.pro8200.html About the Crest Pro 8200 Amplifier
carlsbro.cs60.bass.html My Carlsbro CS60 Bass amplifier
rt-spark.html A version of Digistump's Digispark ATtiny85 MCU USB board
rt-km84.html Redrawn Neumann KM84 schematic.
z504.html The Avance (Luxman/Luxkit) Stereo Power Amplifier
dc300.html An Amcron/Crown DC300 Amplifier
gord01.html Project Gord - putting the KM84 electronics into the C480B case
orac.html The ORAC Stereo Power Amplifier