Amplifiers for professional audio applications.

RT-AM01 Microphone Preamplifier

General purpose microphone preamplifier for studio use. Gain in two ranges, 5 to 40 dB and 40 to 75 dB. A pad switch at -25dB gives minimum gain of -20dB. There are two independant high-pass filters, a first-order passive filter at the input at 30Hz and an active third-order filter at 75Hz. Both may be used at the same time. 48V phantom power is available. A polarity inversion switch is fitted. Input and output are standard XLR type connectors on the rear panel. In addition the output is available on a TRS 6.35mm jack.

Price £850.00

RT-AP01 Phono Cartridge Preamplifier

Available for MC and MM cartridges, and with IEC amendment to the RIAA response if required. Both balanced and single-ended outputs fitted as standard, and various other options available.

Price £1250.00

RT-PD01 High Impedance Dry Recording Interface Buffer for P48 Systems

General-purpose high-impedance phantom-powered buffer for guitars and other instruments, also crystal microphones and other piezo transducers. Single-ended input to phantom-powered (P48) balanced output.

Price £105.00

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