RT-012-A - PCB for the Oktava MK-012 electronics

The RT-012-A is a pcb for the Oktava MK-012 microphone circuit. It is 62 x 27 mm, and is a simple rectangle without cutouts. This allows the circuit to be built with all components on the top of the board using through-hole parts. It will fit in most wider-bodied microphone cases but is not designed to fit a particular one. It will support the 012 topology and in addition has a location for an optional pad capacitor. The board is double-sided and has ground planes on both sides except in the high-impedance area at the input.

It can be used to build microphones using either conventional or electret capsules. For electret capsules the three components of the bias supply are simply omitted.

Price £6.50 each including p&p in UK. £3.50 p&p for ROW.
Dimensions 62 x 27 mm
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A customer kindly sent this photo of a build inside an Oktava MK-219 case, with an electret capsule. Some of the larger capacitors have been mounted on the back of the PCB.
Another build, small loops of wire are attached to fit the microphones fixing screws.
It makes a good ground connection to the metalwork. Note the very high quality components used. The resistors are just slightly too large for the footprints, but he has made a neat job of it.
Another pic.