RT-PIPB - PCB for battery box circuit for PIP electret microphones.


The RT-PIPB is a pcb which provides a battery-powered circuit for PIP electret microphones. Configurable for operation from 3V to 12V batteries, and either balanced or unbalanced output. Capable of driving long lines in balanced configuration. Not to be used with phantom power. The circuit will work from lower voltages than 3V, but this provides so little headroom for the average PIP microphone that it is not recommended.

Dimensions 16 x 38 mm.
Price £6.50 with free p&p in UK. £3.50 p&p for ROW.
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Circuit built for 9V operation and balanced output.
Fitted in diecast metal box. Box is connected to circuit ground.
TRS 3.18mm jack has ring connected to battery negative, so circuit can be switched off by unplugging.