RT-GB01 and RT-GB02 Bias Generator PCBs

Designed for P48 phantom powered microphones. A simple and reliable generator using a well-known topology with easily available components. Component selection allows choice of output voltages, a single positive or negative output, or dual outputs, making it configurable for use with capsules with one or two diaphragms.

The difference between the GB01 and GB02 is the shape of the PCBs. Both have positions for capacitors for coupling the capsule output to the head amp. The GB01 can be assembled back-to-back with the SM01 Schoeps type amplifier, and similarly for the GB02 and SM02.

Full assembly notes are supplied explaining all this in detail.

Completed board configured for +60V output.
Completed SM02 and GB02 assembly.
The terminals are arranged so that wire links fit between the two boards.
RT-GB01 Click image for pdf
RT-GB02 Click image for pdf